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The work of a welder involves reading and interpreting technical diagrams and blueprints to determine the correct welding process and techniques required for a project. They must be skilled at using a variety of welding tools and equipment, including arc welders, gas welders, and plasma cutters.

They must also be knowledgeable about welding codes and regulations to ensure that all work is performed safely and in compliance with local laws.

Key Benefit

Benefits of the Service

In addition to technical skills, welders must be physically fit and able to work in a variety of environments, including cramped spaces, heights, and outdoor locations.

  • They must also have good communication skills and be able to work well in a team, as they often collaborate with other tradespeople and contractors.
  • Welders may specialize in particular areas of the field, such as pipe welding or underwater welding.
  • They can work for manufacturing companies, construction firms, or as independent contractors.