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Steel Fixer

The role of a steel fixer is essential in construction projects involving reinforced concrete. They interpret engineering drawings and plans to determine the required number, size, and placement of rebars, and then fabricate them to the specified dimensions using hand tools or machines.

Once the rebars are fabricated, the steel fixer places them in the correct position within the concrete formwork, securing them in place using wire or metal ties.

Key Benefit

Benefits of the Service

This ensures that the concrete structure is strong and stable, as the rebars provide additional tensile strength to the concrete.

  • Steel fixers work in a variety of construction settings, including high-rise buildings, bridges, tunnels, and other large infrastructure projects.
  • They need to have a good understanding of construction materials, basic math skills, and the ability to read and interpret engineering plans and diagrams.
  • They also need to have good physical fitness as the job can be physically demanding.