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Plastering Mason

Plastering involves applying a coat of plaster or stucco to a surface, such as a wall or ceiling, to create a smooth, even finish. Plasterers typically use a trowel to apply the plaster and may need to mix the plaster themselves.

They also need to be skilled at creating different textures and finishes, such as a smooth finish or a textured finish.

Key Benefit

Benefits of the Service

Masonry, on the other hand, involves working with bricks, stones, and other types of masonry materials to build walls, chimneys, fireplaces, and other structures.

  • Masons need to be skilled at laying bricks or stones in a uniform pattern, using mortar to hold them in place.
  • They may also need to cut and shape the masonry materials to fit specific designs.
  • While plastering and masonry are separate trades, they often work together on construction projects, such as building a brick fireplace with a plastered chimney surround